Sales conditions

The consumer does not have the right to abandon the purchase.

Art. I - Binding force

  • Only these general conditions apply to the exclusion of all others to the relationship between Print a Gift VOF (with registered office in B-9000 Ghent, Gordunakaai 91 - KBO 0555.802.476) and the Customer.
  • The possible nullity or invalidity of one of the aforementioned general and/or special conditions does not affect the validity of the other conditions and/or the agreement.

Art. II - Modalities of execution

  • Print a Gift operates an online system whereby the Customer purchases a Gift Voucher and either automatically gives it to a Beneficiary designated by the Customer after payment by e-mail, or prints it out with a printer to be delivered personally to the Beneficiary.
  • Only the Beneficiary can redeem this Gift Certificate at one of the Merchants chosen from the list of affiliated Merchants.
  • The Gift Certificate can only be issued if either the Customer has a printer or the Customer has a correct e-mail address of the Beneficiary.
  • The Gift Certificate is strictly personal. Under no circumstances may the Beneficiary give the Gift Certificate to a third party except with Print a Gift's prior consent. Each Gift Certificate is invalidated upon use and can therefore only be used once.
  • The Gift Voucher is valid for one year and can only be redeemed with the designated Retailer, or exceptionally by mutual agreement with Print a Gift, for example if the Retailer has ceased trading for any reason.

Art. III - Liability

  • Print a Gift can only be held liable for direct damage caused to the Client or Beneficiary by its own fault or negligence and only up to the amounts covered by its insurer. These amounts can be obtained upon simple request.
  • Claims due to hidden defects must be brought in court under penalty of expiry at the latest 2 months after the discovery of the defect and, with regard to non-consumers, an expiry period of 1 year from the purchase of the Gift Card.
  • Print a Gift is not responsible for the goods or services that the Customer pays for with the purchased Gift Certificate.
  • Print a Gift is not responsible if the Customer enters an incorrect email address of the Beneficiary. Furthermore, Print a Gift bears no responsibility if the Gift Certificate falls into the hands of a third party, accidentally or otherwise, after shipment.
  • Print a Gift is not responsible for problems with the execution of the payment by the Customer. Print a Gift calls on the professional services of Europabank NV to ensure the safety of online payments.

Art. IV - Force Majeure

  • The agreement can be terminated by both parties without any compensation, except for costs incurred, in case of impossibility to execute or suspended in case of serious complications due to force majeure or impreseance.

Art. V - Jurisdiction and applicable law

  • In case of complaint or dispute, only the courts and justice of the peace of the judicial canton of the registered office of Print a Gift have jurisdiction.
  • Only Belgian law is applicable.

Version 3.0 dated 30 January 2015